Business services for the public and private sectors, municipalities and the development community

Business Services for the Private Sector

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Land Use Planning Services

We provide a wide range of services related to Rezonings, Official Plan Amendments and Committee of Adjustment applications

Coordination to achieve redevelopment and residential intensification

From conception to completion it is a long process to create a residential project. We can help

Ontario Land Tribunals – research for witness statements and expert witness testimony

The Province has made changes to local planning approvals by changing the role of the OMB. We are keeping current with all the changes with the greater emphasis on local decision making and mediation.

Creative solutions for integration of historic resources into downtown economies using Business Retention and Expansion and other strategies to attract residents, visitors and investors

Integrating the economy of a downtown with achieving heritage conservation goals can be complex. Bringing partners together like local museums, B.I.As, and the private sector can provide great results.

Support and Advice for Business Improvement Areas (B.I.As) regarding retail mix, beautification and programming

Increasingly B.I.As are responsible for place management in our downtowns. They are often providing higher levels of cleanliness and maintenance as well as advocates for new development and intensification. These roles often need expert support to fulfill that mandate. We can help.

Business Services for Public Sector/Municipalities

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Preparation of Community Improvement Plans

A Community Improvement Plan (C.I.P.) must be created to meet the requirements of The Municipal Act. A C.I.P is intended to encourage rehabilitation and stimulate development. Once implemented, the plan allows municipalities to provide tax assistance, grants or loans to assist in the rehabilitation of lands and/or buildings within the defined Community Improvement Project Area.

Facilitation and Outreach services to achieve community vision and collaboration

Sometimes communities are polarized by a development issue or cannot agree on a direction to take. Facilitation is a process which helps a group work together more effectively. The facilitator helps people achieve their collective goals by identifying non-productive patterns, helping people build relationships, and enhancing communication.

Management and Administration of municipal programs or heritage endowments

Many communities do not have the staff to manage detailed programs or financial incentives. We offer proven program delivery services at whatever level you need.

Downtown Development coordination services

Downtown Revitalization is a multi-faceted approach that requires someone to keep an eye on the bigger picture so that the efforts can achieve their greatest potential.

Heritage Conservation District Studies and Plans

A Heritage Conservation District (or HCD) – defined under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act – is a geographically defined area within a municipality that is noted for its distinct heritage character. Through the adoption of a district plan, guidelines and policies, a municipality is able to guide future change.

Animation - Undertaking cultural and event planning to rejuvenate your downtown

Animating public space refers to the deliberate employment of festivals, events, and programmed activities to attract visitors to a location. Often a community may have a few events that may not be achieving their highest potential, or cultural facilities do not coordinate their activities with other providers like a B.I.A. We can help animate your downtown.